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Welcome to Balloon Ride US. Testimonials page.  

Once you have flown, you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward,
for there you have been, and there you long to return."
- Leonardo Da Vinci -


The following are mail sent by our passengers 


J. Bass
Our trip rose above expectations, floated beyond wind swept dreams and came down to earth with great service and friendly attendance.

Vincent Landquest & Sheryl Ray
The ride was amazing, nothing like I've ever experienced. Thanks!

Gina P. Nelson
An exhilarating ride! I was a bit nervous at first but as we leveled off I let the calm and the sereness of the desert take over. The expertise of out pilot and the story telling made it even more enjoyable. I would recommend it to anyone; even those faint at heart.

Clarence & Susie Cain
This was our first time & it was wonderful. We had a great trip! The pilot and crew were so friendly and made the trip a real pleasure.

Lynn Williams & Crawford Grell
Wonderful flight, amazing!! We had a great time seeing the animals (Coyotes, Jack Rabbits and birds). Great pilot and crew chief. We will be here again!!

Val & Ray Lanza
Spectacular view, great pilot and crew chief. Extremely peaceful, and adventurous at the same time. We cant wait to do it again. Great way to see Arizona!!! 

Chad Temple & Meagan Frazer                
This moment will remain in our lives and minds forever. Thank you so much for making our trip to Phoenix and the rest of our lives so special. 

Scott and Lisa Baty

Yes, we too were crazy enough to call your company and agree to draaaaaaag ourselves out of bed WAAAAYYYY before dawn.......we thought we would take a flight in a hot air balloon.  The way we looked at it was this, when you take your wedding vows, as we did 10 years ago.  You dive into something crazy, terrifying and wonderful all at the same time.  For us, this flight shared those elements.  What we found was that we were greeted in the early morning darkness with jokes, a little hug and  a warm smile as we lifted off.  We then enjoyed a little piece of heaven as we flew in complete silence up above the noise of our busy lives.  We found that those smiles and yes even those jokes continued ("bi son", geeeez  ha,ha).  When you fly with these guys, you see their true personalities.  We really felt that they shared a piece of themselves with us and that we might have made some new friends.  Do your homework when you are flying in a balloon.  When you do, when you take the time to write and e-mail and then place a call.........we know that your research will lead you to